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Hi, I'm Matt Terry. Welcome to my site. I'm a Freelance Drupal Developer in Brighton UK. I write back-end Drupal modules in PHP and MySQL, am fluent in Photoshop and graphic design and love user experience, user interface design, information architecture and all aspects of modern web development and design.

Check out to see my latest work for Cartoon Network.

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I studied for 4 years in London for an Industrial Design BSc (Hons). The next 4 years I worked as a graphic and web designer & developer. I then became a freelance flash coder, produced a dvd and spent the last 4 years building custom Drupal sites.

I'm also skilled in many areas of design and development including; graphics, 3d, animation, photography, film, web video, xhtml, css, javascript, flash, actionscript, php, mysql and content management systems.

I have a great deal of experience with software such as; photoshop, illustrator, inDesign, flash, blender, 3dsMax, Z-Brush and vegas. I work with Linux, windows and currently on a Mac.

I'm currently based in Brighton - UK, but have lived in Christchurch - New Zealand, Melbourne - Australia and San Francisco - California.

Matt Terry