Blender Fluid Simulation and Cycles render

Recently I've been getting back into Blender, the amazing Open Source 3d package.

Blender has an excellent in built Physics Simulator for creating realistic liquids, smoke, cloth and so on. It's pretty easy to set up some simple water effects but hard to master.

One of the most recent additions to blender is an incredible new Cycles Render Engine, with real time previews of your rendered scene and extremely realistic glass, shadows and caustics.

So last night I thought i'd have a little play with fluids and cycles and here's the result of a couple hours work. The whiskey in the glass is animated using the fluids simulator so I coud render this out in an animation if I wanted to, but it's also handy to be able to select a frame for a still image - better than modelling the fluids!

I'm very impressed with Cycles rendering, the real time preview is amazing. Check out some of the links below for a demonstration.

Great couple of tutorials from Blender Guru:

Some demo videos of what can be done with blender physics: