BTR are a large dvd wholesale / retail company. They employed White Hat Media to build a Drupal / Ubercart webshop for them which imports new and updated details for 3,000 dvd's each day. I wrote all the custom drupal modules to do it.

The Wildcat Collection

Is a body jewellery company I used to work for. Lots of cool graphics for web and print. Plus some nice examples of Flash and 3d.

Two big data based projects.

This is the Poi Comunity Website I created. This is my test gound for using Phorum and Gallery2. It's where I play with css and graphic ideas, where I teach poi and I also made a dvd recently for the site.

This is a great start up company from Australia. Very nice examples of my 3d Blender work.

This is a simple portfolio site I made for a good friend of mine in Australia.

A band in Melbourne that I did some CD and poster graphics for.