BTR Drupal Ubercart site

Drupal Druplicon 2012
BTR Direct: DVD eCommerce site

In April 2009 I began working on a new eCommerce site for BTR Direct, working freelance for White Hat Media.

This site does a lot of very clever things behinds the scenes which required me to write some custom Drupal modules. Each night we transfer an XML archive containing all the new and updated content for the site. We import and update around 3,000 products in this XML feed.

Then we run the Apache Solr search indexer on all this new content.

Next we create a Google Merchant feed so it all shows up in Google Product Search which Google picks up each morning.

So by 6am each day the site has tons of new content, and the world knows about it. It was a challenging project but worked really well.

Drupal and Ubercart worked out great.

Also 3rd party sites can ping BTR to retrieve the latest prices and there's a simple CSV importer to bulk update prices and stock levels.

I wasn't responsible for the graphic look of the site but I did build the drupal theme.