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Toonix is unlike any Drupal site I've worked on, or even seen before. It's a flash based 2.5D virtual world for children aged 6-10.

Toonix was built over 2 years as a collaboration between Cartoon Network, Attic Media, White Hat Media and FuturLab.

We have a custom suite of modules running:

  • 100 custom Web services
  • 40 custom database tables
  • 30 custom node types

There's an admin suite to manage all the functionality, which includes, users, profiles, worlds, areas, items, behaviours, shops, coins, experience points, challenges, games, missions, friends, redeem codes, vouchers.... etc etc - it even has a Game Logic Engine using drupal nodes.

The game has gained great traction with 'minimal advertising' from Cartoon Network. We currently have over a million registered users.

The performance of the site has been good. We use New Relic to monitor the live site and identify any bugs or bottlenecks.