FlameOz, Calvos and Halo

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FlameOz are incredible fire and pyrotechnics performers. They needed to update their old site and approached me with the project.

This was a fun project to work on, I worked closely with Joe Plant - I designed the layouts and built the drupal site while he did an amazing job on the graphics.

Calvos Home Page
Calvos Main Page

Calvos is a beautiful stilt walking act.

This site is built alongside the FlameOz and Halo sites. It was a technically difficult drupal build which make good use of the Drupal Domain module.

There's a lot going on with these sites, videos that all play on iPhones an Androids, jQuery slideshows, jQuery tabs and so on.

Joe Plant did all the artwork for this one as well.

Halo Home Page
Halo Main Page

Halo is a high tech glow show and the third site in the group.

Wrote a surprising amount of custom Drupal Module code and built the custom Drupal Theme. The theming works nicely because I made a base theme which the 3 sites share, then each site has it's own theme which can override the base settings. The base theme is built on top of Drupal Zen theme. It worked out really well.

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