Methodist Conference Registration Form

Each year the Methodist Church of New Zealand hold a huge annual conference. The logistics of organising this event puts a large strain on the admin team each year. Whilst I was living in New Zealand I was called in to help them automate the registration with a web based form.

At first it seemed a fairly simple task but as time went on it became a pretty complex little website. There are many simple fields, like name and address. But a lot of the fields need to be updated depending on the answer to the previous question. There's lots of javascript in there to show different questions in different situations.

Then we needed a way to take the form data and integrate it with the local database at head office. We decided to take the form data and email it to the church with an xml file attachment containing the data for each registrant.

This xml file is then imported into their database, this part of the project was dealt with by my colleague.

The system saved them so much time, and worked so well in 2007 that they got us back in to improve the system for 2008. They now have an admin page where they can update text on the form, for example they can alter the dates, location, options in the drop down lists and so on.

The look of the site was also updated this year to match the theme of the methodist drupal site.

Overall they have been very happy with the system.