I have been spinning poi and teaching others to do so since 2000. Towards the end of 2002 I started work on spherculism. The goal was to pull together all the geekiest technical poi spinners around the world and work hard at taking poi to crazy new levels. The first thing to do was to create a web presence. I used phpNuke with a phpbb message board in the early days, mainly because the company I worked for used this system so I had some experience of it.

I've always had great fun with the 'branding' of spherculism. Here's the current site logo and the 'Sm' graphic, aka 'the Sphercular Om'

The DVD took about a year to produce, for six months it was my only job. The final product is 90 minutes long and contains 20 tracks. The music is mainly by a band called Bad Science from Brighton, UK and the video footage is tightly edited to the audio. This was a very big project and I had to learn many new video skills to complete it.

Below are two youtube videos of the DVD trailer and one of the tracks called 'Blink of an I'.

Once the dvd had been released I teamed up with a good friend and excellent web developer in Vancouver to revamp the spherculism site. We ditched phpNuke, which had become obsolete, and replaced it with a custom content management system. I migrated the phpBB forum over to Phorum 5. I really like phorum, it's very elegantly written and I highly recommend it.

We wanted the best gallery system on the site, one that could handle images and videos with ease. Gallery 2 was certainly the best solution. It is an amazing application. Even though I use drupal for most websites these days I still highly recommend gallery2.

Soon after making the original spherculism site it became apparent that nobody had ever managed to simulate poi moves in a graphical way. There's many good juggling simulators, there's a cool one for diabolo but not one for poi. So I took it upon myself to make the first one, it's called poibot and I used Flash to build it.

I worked on some t-shirt designs for www.spherculism.com and www.firetoys.co.uk, here are some of them:

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