The brief for the logo was very specific. I was given several images of grape vines and asked to make the end half of it look robotic.
I made 3d models of vines and leaves using Z-brush and composited everything together with photoshop.
The first image below is the logo used on letter heads.
The second logo is used for slideshow presentations.
The last image shows 2 versions of the logo used in small situations, such as the business card.

My main objective was to create very high quality graphics to show what this robot would look like.

Firstly I made a 3d model in Blender. The 4 arms are rigged to move correctly so I can pose the model as I want it and later animate it.

Then I asked the client to take some photos of the vineyard to place the robot in. I was quite specific about the camera angles.

The trickiest part of this technique is matching the 3d perspective to the camera lens perspective.

Once i had matched the perspective I rendered the 3d model and then composited the render with the photograph using photoshop.

The final part of the project was to animate the composition.

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