3d Graphics & Animation

I've always been very good at visualising and manipulating objects in 3d space, so 3d computer graphics has always come quite naturally to me. I've done some interesting 3d work and would really love to sink my teeth in some full on 3d projects.

Over the last few years I've been using Blender for my 3d work. Although it's open source there are many advantages of using it over other software. It can be used to make very tidy 3d meshes and has seemingly limitless potential. They have recently added a stack of new features including the ability to sculpt and paint models like in Z-brush. I like it a lot.

An excellent program used mainly for modelling beautiful organic objects in real time. You literally paint in 3d using a graphics tablet. I love it and can create very high quality models using it. I usually make models in Z-Brush and put them in 3dsMax or Blender to animate or render them. The Poibot 3d model for my dvd cover was created in Z-brush.

3dsMax was the main software I used for years. I have a good knowledge of various modelling, animation and rendering techniques. I haven't used 3dsMax for ages, blender is just way too much fun.