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Here are 2 flash projects I did at wildcat to advertise jewellery.

My buddy Joe Plant (www.joeplant.com)made the original advert for these new picurebells. I developted the tequnique for rendering the picturebells in 3d so we didn't have to photograph them all. Then I took the photoshop file of the advert and made this flash page.

This was a huge project that me and Joe Plant did together. The catalogue is 192 pages, full colour A4. Containing over 3000 separate products, each with 5 - 50 different specifications.

Joe took care of the graphics whilst I managed the project. I was responsible for grouping the products onto pages. Getting the content written, formatting all the text with In-Design, checking for errors, indexing the products and so on.

Whilst making the first Wildcat catalogue we decided to try and make some of the jewellery in 3d. This was helpful for two reasons; sometimes we didn't have all the sample jewellery we needed and sometimes the sample jewelery wasn't high enough quality to take really good photos of.

Ikon Plugs were a new product that I spent a lot of time working on. They are a 6mm - 30mm diameter 'plug' which fits a stretched hole in your ear. The front on the plug has a paper graphic embedded into it with clear resin. I did all the graphics for this product range.

Similar to Ikon Plugs but with a much smaller image sunk into a navel bananabell as shown in the Red graphic below. Again, I did all the graphics for these and helped develop the product range. Both Ikon Plugs and Picturebells are very profitable ranges for wildcat and the images have been used to develop further products.

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