Between 2002 and 2005 I worked full time at Wildcat in Brighton UK as an in-house Graphic Designer and Web Developer.
Wildcat is a great company. They've been in the body jewellery business since the beginning and have a cult following.
The main goal at wildcat was to make it look cool by any means possible.
In 2006 I worked as a freelancer on this webshop project, using osCommerce for the back end.

My main objective was to create very high quality graphics to show what this robot would look like.

Firstly I made a 3d model in Blender. The 4 arms are rigged to move correctly so I can pose the model as I want it and later animate it.

Then I asked the client to take some photos of the vineyard to place the robot in. I was quite specific about the camera angles.

The trickiest part of this technique is matching the 3d perspective to the camera lens perspective.

Once i had matched the perspective I rendered the 3d model and then composited the render with the photograph using photoshop.

The final part of the project was to animate the composition.

I worked on some t-shirt designs for and, here are some of them:

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