Here are 2 flash projects I did at wildcat to advertise jewellery.

My buddy Joe Plant (www.joeplant.com)made the original advert for these new picurebells. I developted the tequnique for rendering the picturebells in 3d so we didn't have to photograph them all. Then I took the photoshop file of the advert and made this flash page.

Soon after making the original spherculism site it became apparent that nobody had ever managed to simulate poi moves in a graphical way. There's many good juggling simulators, there's a cool one for diabolo but not one for poi. So I took it upon myself to make the first one, it's called poibot and I used Flash to build it.

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Toonix is unlike any Drupal site I've worked on, or even seen before. It's a flash based 2.5D virtual world for children aged 6-10.

Toonix was built over 2 years as a collaboration between Cartoon Network, Attic Media, White Hat Media and FuturLab.

We have a custom suite of modules running:

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