BTR Direct: DVD eCommerce site

In April 2009 I began working on a new eCommerce site for BTR Direct, working freelance for White Hat Media.

This site does a lot of very clever things behinds the scenes which required me to write some custom Drupal modules. Each night we transfer an XML archive containing all the new and updated content for the site. We import and update around 3,000 products in this XML feed.

Then we run the Apache Solr search indexer on all this new content.

Toshiba : Laptops We Love : Matt Terry

Toshiba approached White Hat Media because they were interested in producing a competition website. Users would upload videos and photos for the chance to win £3000 worth of Toshiba products; TV, camcorder, laptops and so on.

Toshiba Laptop : Facebook : Matt Terry
Toshiba TV : Facebook : Matt Terry
Toshiba DVD : Facebook : Matt Terry

Here are some graphics I did for an update to Toshiba's facebook page whilst working at White Hat Media. I produced the graphics in Photoshop and built the page in facebook FBML.

I also experimented with integrating drupal with facebook and there are some great things you can do.

SiteChecker SEO Metrics Tool by Matt Terry
SiteChecker SEO Metrics Tool by Matt Terry
SiteChecker SEO Metrics Tool by Matt Terry
SiteChecker SEO Metrics Tool by Matt Terry
SiteChecker SEO Metrics Tool by Matt Terry

SiteChecker is a powerful 'on site SEO' tool. The backend is all Java based (not built by me), it crawls a site in a similar fashion to googlebot, it indexes all the pages and parses the HTML to generate statistics on various SEO metrics.

I built a Drupal 7 front end which takes the vast amount of data stored by the Java app and attempts to display that data in a meaningful, user friendly way and provide the User Interface to set up new site scans, edit your settings, and so on.

MAD Juggling final design

My friend Mark Douglass is an incredibly talented man. He's an excellent juggler, awesome poi spinner, great at adagio, hula hoop, staff.... the list goes on and on. I was delighted when he approached me to make his new website.

Each year the Methodist Church of New Zealand hold a huge annual conference. The logistics of organising this event puts a large strain on the admin team each year. Whilst I was living in New Zealand I was called in to help them automate the registration with a web based form.

FlameOz Home Page
FlameOz Main Page

FlameOz are incredible fire and pyrotechnics performers. They needed to update their old site and approached me with the project.

This was a fun project to work on, I worked closely with Joe Plant - I designed the layouts and built the drupal site while he did an amazing job on the graphics.

Calvos Home Page
Calvos Main Page

Calvos is a beautiful stilt walking act.

This site is built alongside the FlameOz and Halo sites. It was a technically difficult drupal build which make good use of the Drupal Domain module.

There's a lot going on with these sites, videos that all play on iPhones an Androids, jQuery slideshows, jQuery tabs and so on.

Joe Plant did all the artwork for this one as well.

Halo Home Page
Halo Main Page

Halo is a high tech glow show and the third site in the group.

Wrote a surprising amount of custom Drupal Module code and built the custom Drupal Theme. The theming works nicely because I made a base theme which the 3 sites share, then each site has it's own theme which can override the base settings. The base theme is built on top of Drupal Zen theme. It worked out really well.

Toonix Cartoon Network Home
Toonix Cartoon Network Create
Toonix Cartoon Network Map
Toonix Cartoon Network MyWorld
Toonix Cartoon Network Games World
Toonix Cartoon Network Admin Dashboard

Toonix is unlike any Drupal site I've worked on, or even seen before. It's a flash based 2.5D virtual world for children aged 6-10.

Toonix was built over 2 years as a collaboration between Cartoon Network, Attic Media, White Hat Media and FuturLab.

We have a custom suite of modules running:

Ultragreen home page
Ultragreen Construction
Ultragreen Energy

Ultragreen approached us needing a new web presence. They were an interesting company to design for since they effectively have 5 different sectors within the main site. We helped them a lot with the overall architecture of the site, designed the look and feel, and ended up with a really easy to use, good looking site which performed well.

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