Here are 2 flash projects I did at wildcat to advertise jewellery.

My buddy Joe Plant ( the original advert for these new picurebells. I developted the tequnique for rendering the picturebells in 3d so we didn't have to photograph them all. Then I took the photoshop file of the advert and made this flash page.

This was a huge project that me and Joe Plant did together. The catalogue is 192 pages, full colour A4. Containing over 3000 separate products, each with 5 - 50 different specifications.

Joe took care of the graphics whilst I managed the project. I was responsible for grouping the products onto pages. Getting the content written, formatting all the text with In-Design, checking for errors, indexing the products and so on.

Whilst at wildcat I made adverts for tattoo magazines. A4 full colour ads that were printed in serveral magazines distributed worldwide. Here's a random selection.

A large part of my job was photographing jewellery and cutting out the backgrounds. Wildcat has thousands of products so it was a very labour intensive job, however I did learn how to use a Nikon D100 digital SLR.

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