Web Design

I've been a web designer and developer for over 10 years. At university we were forced to code everything by hand and I've continued to do so ever since. I am competent with dreamweaver but I consider knowing how to code by hand a great advantage, mainly these days I use NetBeans IDE and SVN or GIT for version control.

I rarely create pure html sites. More often I use html within a php script to create dynamic pages. I can use Dreamweaver but tend to write code by hand. I mostly write xhtml but recently have been getting more into html5.

I love css because it allows me to separate my design from my content. I can produce tableless web designs but often find that using a few tables is the most elegant and browser friendly solution.

I have a basic and growing understanding of javascript. I have implemented some clever 'off the shelf' javascripts in my sites to make them more visually stimulating. But for functionality I use them sparingly. Totally love jQuery and use it a lot more than traditional javascript.

Flash has been an interest of mine since 2000. I have an excellent knowledge of Actionscript and building complex sites. I very much enjoy adding physics simulations to my graphics. I've made many advertising banners for well known companies but in recent years have been moving away from flash content.

I sometimes use xml to store data, or to transport files of data between online and local systems. Have also written some pretty clever xml importers for drupal.