This was a huge project that me and Joe Plant did together. The catalogue is 192 pages, full colour A4. Containing over 3000 separate products, each with 5 - 50 different specifications.

Joe took care of the graphics whilst I managed the project. I was responsible for grouping the products onto pages. Getting the content written, formatting all the text with In-Design, checking for errors, indexing the products and so on.

The brief for the logo was very specific. I was given several images of grape vines and asked to make the end half of it look robotic.
I made 3d models of vines and leaves using Z-brush and composited everything together with photoshop.
The first image below is the logo used on letter heads.
The second logo is used for slideshow presentations.
The last image shows 2 versions of the logo used in small situations, such as the business card.

Soon after making the original spherculism site it became apparent that nobody had ever managed to simulate poi moves in a graphical way. There's many good juggling simulators, there's a cool one for diabolo but not one for poi. So I took it upon myself to make the first one, it's called poibot and I used Flash to build it.

I worked on some t-shirt designs for www.spherculism.com and www.firetoys.co.uk, here are some of them:

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