iPhone 5 Concept by Matt Terry

Here's a a quick concept I made for an iPhone 5. I built it with Blender and rendered it with the new Blender render engine called Cycles.

The idea wasn't to make a crazy futuristic iPhone but to make a realistic one.

There are a few few changes from the iPhone 4. The screen is larger, the body is slightly thinner but the same width and height. The front face is still glass but the back is all aluminium and takes some design direction from the Macbook Pro and recent iPad.

Matt Terry: Blender Cycles Displacement Maps

Been learning some more about Blender Cycles Displacement maps today.

Added some new textures to the 3d matt terry logo I made a while back.

Also used the improved Bevel Edges feature to make the geometry a bit better.

Trampa Landboard Wheel: Blender Cycles Render

Here's a Blender model I made and textured, including all the UV mapping and texturing.

The tyre uses a geometry displacement for the tread and writing on the walls.

Not 100% finished but pretty happy with how Blender Cycles rendered it.

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