More fun with Blender and the Cycles render engine.

This time with my new icon logo for my personal 2012 rebrand, I figured if it's the end of the world then I might as well go out with a Bang.

This particular graphic is for the front of my new business card.

Did I mention I'll be a freelancer again soon :)

Interested in taking on some Blender, Unity, UX, graphics, Drupal etc jobs, looking for interesting projects with fun people.

Contact me if you fit that description...

The Drupal typographic logo was refreshed a while ago with the site rebranding.

I felt it was time to refresh the Drupal icon (the Druplicon). I didn't want to make any drastic changes, just tidy it up a bit. The shape of the eyes is a little different since the current logo isn't quite symmetrical in 3d.

What do you think? Tweet your thoughts with the hashtag #druplicon2012.

The icon is made in Blender, and rendered using the new Cycles renderer - I have a fun little animation too, but you'll have to wait to see that.

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